Gorkha Integrated Agriculture Centre Limited, a public firm registered in 2017 and recognized by Government of Nepal (GoN), has been established by experienced, young and energetic professionals having expertise in various fields including agriculture, livestock, management, forestry, finance and engineering, with a mission to support economic development in the path of national prosperityby imparting technical know-how and expertise for the use of resources for long term sustainable development. The main objective of Gorkha Integrated Agriculture Centre is to provide professional services on Research and Development in Nepal to work in community level, transferring innovative low cost technology with integrated approaches. The company’s head office is located in Kathmandu whereas the branch office is located in Palungtar 10, Gorkha.

The GIAC and its promoters are currently engaged in different agricultural researches and training, providing technical support and inputs to the farmers and supporting them to explore markets for their products. It is also going to establish production and outreach farm soon. In the long run, the company has a purpose to run both academic and non-academic courses in agriculture, livestock and forestry sciences. The GIAC has a pool of resource persons in diversified fields including agriculture, livestock, general management, forestry, environmental management, climate change and infrastructure development .